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Company Overview

Rosslyn Analytics, the fastest growing UK technology company, and the leader in cloud-based self-service spend data management solutions, enables organizations of all sizes to radically accelerate from months to minutes the time it takes to obtain, transform and analyze spend data.

The RA.Pid Platform, coupled with the industry’s first RA.Pid Apps Store, provides finance, procurement and IT with more than 50 unique advanced drill-down analytical reports, data capture and data cleansing tools starting from just $99 per user, per month. Organizations often start with RA.Pid for Excel, which gives users the ability to run base spending reports and identify duplicate payments within minutes of loading data into the RA.Pid platform.

Customers using RA.Pid have obtained the industry’s fastest ROI:

“Clifford Chance obtained an ROI of over 100% within eight weeks of Rosslyn Analytics extracting the customer’s data from Oracle and other third-party data feeds from around the world.” – Rob Morris, CPO of Clifford Chance.

“Within five minutes of loading our multi-site spend data into the web-based RA.Pid platform, my group procurement department has visibility of categorized data in which to run base spending reports to identify saving opportunities today, not tomorrow.” – Steve Bowdler, Group Procurement Manager, Produce World.

In January 2011, Rosslyn Analytics was recognized by JMP Securities, a full-service investment bank, as one of the best privately held software companies in the world.

Customers using RA.Pid include BG Group, Bristol University , Capita, Clifford Chance, Cobham, Exeter University, ICAP, Patheon, Pitney Bowes, Rio Tinto and many others.

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On-Demand Customer Video

Interview with Rob Morris, Clifford Chance’s CPO


  • The Information Difference, “Turning Business Intelligence on Its Head” – 2011
  • Download here
  • Quocirca, “A gift from IT to the business” – 2011
  • Download here
  • Sourcing Innovation, “Strategic Spend Visibility: Untapped Potential for Cost Reduction” – 2010
  • Download here
  • Procurement Insights, “Democratizing Analytics: From Practical Access to Real-World, Enterprise-Wide Relevance” – 2010
  • Download here

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July 3rd, 2014 – The reemergence of a recognized brand by Jon Hansen

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