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Company Overview:

Market Dojo is a pioneering software provider that focuses on intuitive, affordable and professional e-Sourcing software with an on-demand pricing model.

Developed by procurement professionals, their online solutions combine ease of use with best practise to make e-Sourcing simple and quick to adopt.

Their three solutions help to plan, collaborate and source.

Market Dojo sourcing offers online questionnaires, (RFIs, RFPs, PQQs, ITTs), weighted RFQs and Auctions. You can also sign up for free and try everything our software has to offer in our ‘Sandpit’, our unique e-Sourcing training tool that lets you act as a buyer and as suppliers.

Category Dojo to discover, compare and prioritise procurement opportunities to gain valuable category insight and create strategies for public or private sector procurement teams.This will allow procurement to consistently address more cost reduction opportunities and reduce the time taken to compile and manage category plans. Category Dojo is the missing link between spend analysis and e-Sourcing.

Innovation Dojo to request, collect and compare innovative ideas from your supply chain, outside of any formal sourcing or tendering exercise. Call it a ‘Request for Ideas’ if you will, helping to unite Research & Development and procurement. Suppliers can also proactively suggest improvement ideas, all of which can be tracked and managed via the tool.

To date Market Dojo has helped their clients average savings of approximately 25% from e-auction results alone, as well as aiding significant efficiency improvements. Even more impressively, their clients have generated an average return on investment upon buying an Annual Licence of little over two weeks!

Market Dojo provide regular industry updates and commentary on their blog The Secret Diary of Market Dojo and on Twitter @marketdojo

Learn more at the Market Dojo website.


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