Meet Our Chief Editor

About Colin Cram FCIPS

Present Positions

  • Managing Director of Marc1 Ltd, which is recognised internationally for thought leadership, consultancy, conference and training services. Clients have included major UK and international public and private sector organisations.
  • Contributing Editor, Guardian’s Public Leaders Network (National UK newspaper)
  • Associate Fellow at Manchester Business School (University of Manchester)

Career Résumé

  • As Creator and Director of leading edge joint and collaborative public sector procurement organisations for the past 30 years, Colin was responsible for securing efficiency improvements from third party spends of up to $10bn a year. Cash savings from his initiatives exceed $1.5bn pa. He has been responsible throughout for initiating and implementing innovative strategies for procurement, shared services, outsourcings, tackling monopoly supply situations and cartels, trouble-shooting and organisational re-engineering. He was a pioneer of ‘Lean’ procurement.
  • His teams provided contracting support for major projects, including the 4th most powerful computer in the world and a specially constructed Antarctic research ship. His breadth of experience of UK public sector procurement is unrivalled.
  • In the early years of Margaret Thatcher’s premiership, Colin initiated the drive to improve UK public sector procurement. He initiated the pan-public sector procurement training programme.
  • Colin pioneered public sector outsourcing policy in the 1980s, which has led to the UK government being at the forefront of service outsourcing.
  • A trained fraud investigator, one of his initiatives in the 1990s led to the continued drive to address UK benefits fraud. Since then, savings have run into many $billions.

Broadcaster, Journalist and Business Awards Panellist

Professional Journals. Colin is a regular contributor to professional journals and web-sites including:

Broadcaster. He has been interviewed several times for BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) Radio 4 and 5 Live and Procurement Insights (Canada).

Awards Judge. Colin is a regular judge on awards panels for business and the public sector including for the Health Service Journal, Municipal Journal and National Business Awards.

Conferences and Workshops. Colin is a sought after speaker, chair and programme designer for UK and international conferences, seminars and workshops.


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