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All Change In UK Government Procurement? by Colin Cram

August 4, 2015


Bill Crothers, the UK government’s Chief Commercial Officer is moving on. This will be welcome news to some suppliers. Bill was the first chief executive of the Crown Commercial Service, the creation of which I recommended to the UK Parliament’s Public Administration Select Committee in January 2013. He later passed the baton to Sally Collier […]

Investigating Fraud Part 2 by Gary Sommerford

June 25, 2015


Editor’s Note: Today’s post is Gary Sommerford’s follow-up to his April 2015 post on the problem of fraud. Fraud costs businesses billions per year and as a threat must rank as one of the key risks to be managed.  If fraud is not tackled effectively, financial losses will occur, reputations will be damaged and stakeholder […]

How Much Could The Next Government Save Through Efficiencies By 2019/20? by Colin Cram

May 5, 2015


Main national political parties have included savings through efficiencies in their manifestos to help balance the books. The Liberal Democrats and Conservatives have proposed departmental savings of £12billion and £13billion respectively, but do not state what proportion will come from efficiencies. Labour has done some zero based budget reviews, but has been timid about the […]

Reflections Of A Newly Departed CPO by Alastair Merrill

April 29, 2015


How do you sum up five years and seven months?  It was July 2009 that I took up the post of the Scottish Government’s Procurement and Commercial Director.  And in February 2015, after fourteen years almost to the day as a civil servant in Scotland, I left Her Majesty’s employment to take up a post […]

Investigating Fraud by Gary Sommerford

April 15, 2015


Many businesses are the victims of fraud and a significant percentage will be procurement fraud. One can either deal with the matter discretely, which could result in the person who committed the fraud leaving the organisation, or one may consider that an investigation is required. This may be forced on the organisation if the person […]

NIGP, Periscope by Colin Cram

April 11, 2015


Organisations such as NIGP frequently struggle to exist on membership subscriptions alone. They therefore have to find other sources of income. My interpretation of the issues identified by Jon Hansen is that the need for income may have led the NIGP into what appear to be some shady and unwise deals. In particular, if selling […]

Can Sub-Saharan Africa Be The Next Global Economic Powerhouse? by Colin Cram

March 16, 2015


Fraud and corruption are badly damaging the economies of many African countries. A recent report by the African Union ,  publicised by Thabo Mbeki,, alleged that illicit financial outflows were costing $50 billion every year as governments and multinational companies engage in fraudulent schemes aimed at avoiding tax payments to some of the […]