Procurement Insights Moves Into Mainstream Media

Posted on July 25, 2016 by


Editor’s Note: Does removing the obstacles presented by the familiarity between bloggers and service providers mean that objective coverage is more likely?

Procurement Insights

With our final sponsorship commitments ending at the end of this month, Procurement Insights will be a 100 percent sponsor free blog.

While I have always striven to provide thorough and objective coverage, for me accepting blog sponsorship dollars didn’t seem to mesh with true journalism. Or as I would write in my post it is time for procurement to come of age,  any “appearance of favoritism or bias – even where none exists, is unacceptable.”

This is particularly important given the historically close ties between bloggers and the service providers they are covering. As we all know, the majority of the older blogs originated from within the provider community itself. Kudos to these “provider” blogs, as they were among the first to recognize the power of tapping into the emerging social media market.

In some ways, the first blogs are reminiscent of the shows that aired on television when that was…

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