Answer: Theranos coverage . . . Question: What does the Silicon Valley press and the procurement industry’s media have in common?

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Editor’s Note: How does the UK/European media compare to their North American counterparts with regard to industry coverage?

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But if you peel back all of the layers of this tale, at the center you will find one of the more insidious culprits: the Silicon Valley tech press. – from The Secret Culprit in the Theranos Mess by Nick Bilton, Vanity Fair News May 2nd, 2016 

Back in 2010, I wrote a post that did not sit well with Spend Matters’ Jason Busch. In fact so much so, that Busch actually admonished me by way of the following comment: I thought more highly of you before this. Please don’t go down the path of becoming the Fenimore Cooper of procurement blogs.

To be honest, I had never previously heard of Fenimore Cooper, so I Googled him. Thanks to Wikipedia, I got the scoop on Cooper, and I have to tell you I took Busch’s comparison to Cooper as a compliment.

The fact is, Cooper went his own way, writing…

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