McDonald’s, SciQuest and Lady Justice: Why The Canadian Judicial System Fails Its Citizens

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Editor’s Note: What is the difference between wanting the truth, and actually seeking it?

Procurement Insights

“The first casualty when war comes is truth.” – US Senator Hiram Warren Johnson, 1918

We are all familiar with the above quote in its various forms. The irony is that even the truth as to who actually coined the phrase, is the subject of debate. While many sources attribute it to Senator Walker, others credit either Arthur Ponsonby or Samuel Johnson as the author of these words.

Truth – even within the context of its use, is a difficult thing to grasp.

Nowhere is this elusiveness more evident than it is in the Canadian judicial system.

Sadly, justice in Canada is determined more by the size of one’s wallet, than it is the veracity of a particular case.

Ironically, I am directly involved with both of the cases below – although in each instance on opposite sides of the table. As you read further, you will understand what I mean, and how they are…

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