Shields Appointment Very Good News Indeed For U.S. Taxpayers

Posted on March 23, 2016 by


The appointment of David Shields as Managing Director of ASI Government’s new Procurement Transformation and Category Management Practice is great news for the US taxpayers.

ASI Government

Having known David for over 10 years I have developed a very high regard for his capability and ability to deliver the results that are needed.

He took over the UK government’s main category procurement organisation, the Government Procurement Organisation and turned it into a high performance entity in any and all ways one might care to measure including; output, output per person, cash savings, customer service and supplier discipline.

He also introduced innovation, including one of the main gateways for small to medium sized businesses to gain access to UK government business, the GCloud.

ASI Government has made a wise choice in appointing him and, once he gets his feet under the table, expect to see some big and newsworthy improvements taking place in ASI’s service to the US government.

I am delighted with his appointment and look forward to following his progress and hopefully being given the chance to report on his successes.

Well done David and well done ASI Government!