Musings For A New Year: Do vendors have to make it in the U.S. to be successful?

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Editor’s Note: While the question posed in the title is self-explanatory, what is the real underlying message of this post?

Procurement Insights

Editor’s Note: The following are musings from a mind with too much caffeine, a computer, and observational inclinations.

As such, beyond what is plainly written, there is an underlying message. Do you know what it is?

If I can make it there, I can make it anywhere . . . – Lyrics from the song New York, New York

I had an interesting discussion with Kelly Barner, with whom I co-wrote our new book Procurement At A Crossroads.

Here is the exchange regarding an article that came across my desk titled ELEVATING PROCUREMENT TO THE NEXT LEVEL – EUROPE AT A GLANCE PART ONE– by the way, why is everything in CAPS?

Me: Thought you might find this Zycus piece interesting . . .

Kelly: Why do you suppose they chose to limit that particular message to Europe? It seems pretty general to me…

Me: I think because despite their best efforts, they have…

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