Managing Supply Chain Risk: The Nokia and Ericsson Case Study by Jon Hansen

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Editor’s Note: The following post regarding a case study of the differences in risk management between Ericsson and Nokia continues to be the most read article on Procurement Insights. The reason is that the lessons it provides are enduring examples of what to do, and what not to do in terms of creating and implementing a risk management strategy.

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Everywhere you look whether in the blogs, or social networking groups or for that matter even the more traditional media streams, the term supply chain risk pops up with increasing frequency.

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Of course catastrophic events such as the recent earthquake in Japan have a way of igniting widespread interest if only for the time that the media keeps it in the forefront of our collective awareness or consciousness.  Beyond these flashpoint events however, the subject of risk continues to be overlooked by most executives, the vast majority of whom have acknowledged some form of supply chain interruption in the previous 12 month period.

A kind of when everything is said and done (and there is a great deal being said about supply risk) . . . there is more said than done!

Here is the question . . . why?

Is supply chain risk and its effects not entirely understood…

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